July 2020

Meeting 8

Date: 28th July 2020

Location: Virtual Meeting 

Action Items:

    1. The 2020/2021 workplan will be circulated to all participants in addition to being available on the website.
    2. Verifish will explore how the Tuna FIP observer scheme may be used as a template for data collection in other FIPs.
    3. Verifish will follow up with a number of PO reps, sales agents and the Marine Institute regarding improving the volume of industry self-sampling.
    4. Verifish will work with the UK Prawn FIP on areas of common interest such as the Irish Sea.
November 2019

Meeting 7

Date: 19th November 2019

Location: City West Hotel, Dublin

Action Items:

  1. Verifish provided an update on meetings with Marine Institute scientists responsible for the assessment of Nephrops.  Issues such as the necessity to increase observer coverage and provision of samples were highlighted.
  2. A member of the UK Prawn FIP was present and will serve as a useful link between the Irish and UK prawn FIPs.
  3. The issue of how the FIP can address the protection of functional units within an Area VII based approach was discussed. One starting point is that the FIP could contribute to closing data gaps in FUs. How the UK FIP addresses the FU issue will be discussed at the next meeting.
  4. A follow up meeting with Marine Institute scientists will be organised focusing on industry data provision.
  5. Both one-to-one meetings with skippers and circulation of FIP info and registration forms will be used to increase FIP membership by vessels.
June 2019

Meeting 6

Date: 26th June 2019

Location: City West Hotel, Dublin

Action Items:

    1. A copy of the UK Nephrops FIP 2019 workplan will be sought for review at the following meeting. 
    2. The Irish Prawn FIP will be registered as a prospective FIP with Fishery Progress. 
    3. Further information will be sent to Colm Lordan of the Marine Institute and a follow-up meeting will be set up. 


February 2019

Meeting 5

Date: 13th February 2019

Location: BIM Offices, The Docks, Galway

Action Item:

  1. The 2019 FIP workplan was adopted. It will be implemented by all FIP participants throughout the year.
  2. An information pack for industry would be developed for the next meeting outlining that the prawn FIP had started, what the workplan covered, inviting fishermen to join the FIP and informing them of what is required of members.
  3. Marine Institute scientists will be contacted with a view to working with the FIP towards achieving the workplan goals for 2019.

2018 Meetings

October 2018

Meeting 4

Date: 11th October 2018

Location: BIM Head Office, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.

  1. To develop a draft plan and bring it back to the industry as well as identifying suitability of plan with SFP 
  2. To send the MSC pre-assessment report to all attendees 
  3. To register a prospective Irish Prawn FIP 
  4. To draft press article with overall FIP information and details on the individual Irish FIPs 
  5. To circujgjhjhjhgjhgjhgjhlate proposed article to FIP members 
  6. All PO representatives tinform their members of concept of FIPs 
February 2018

Meeting 3

Date: 20th February 2018

Location: BIM Offices, The Docks, Galway

Action Item:

  1.  A draft workplan to be developed and discussed at the next meeting.
  2. MSC pre assessment to be circulated.
  3. Communication piece to be drafted for approval at the next meeting.
  4. PO and other industry attendees to discuss the FIP concept with members and wider Industry.

2017 Meetings


Meeting 2

Date: 21 November 2017

Location: BIM Head Office, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.

Action Items:

  1. Draft Workplan to be reviewed.
  2. Communication piece to be developed for FIP members to use on their websites.
  3. Identify if a large central stakeholder FIP meeting is desired by the Industry.
  4. Ascertain whether it would be possible to develop a standardised HACCP plan for Nephrops freezer trawlers which would be accepted by the SFPA.


Meeting 1

Date: 27th September 2017

Location: Maldron Hotel, Oranmore, Galway.

Action Items:

  1. FF to Identify potential FIP participants.
  2. FF to communicate with potential FIP participants about the FIP and invite them to attend the next meeting.
  3. FF to contact both BIM and the Marine Institute to discuss working with the FIP.